API Versioning

Default API version

All requests use your organization's "pinned version". By default, this is the most recent version of the API at the creation time of your organization. This value can be checked and updated on your Console, by clicking on "Developers" in the left menu, and then on "API keys". We allow you to pin your API version to any existing version.

API updates

When backwards-incompatible changes are made to the API, a new, dated version is released. The current version is 2023-05-12. For a list of all available versions and their associated breaking changes, check out our Upgrades page. For a full changelog of API updates, check out our Changelog page.

Manually set the API version

To set the API version on a specific request, you can add a specific header, named X-Nabla-Api-Version with the value of the version you are targeting:

curl https://api.nabla.com/{endpoint} -H "X-Nabla-Api-Version: 2023-05-12"