API upgrades

Keep track of changes and upgrades to the Server API.

Your API version controls the API you see (for example, what properties you see in responses, what parameters you’re permitted to send in requests, and so on).

When a breaking change is introduced to the Server API, a new dated version is released and your calls to the API are not affected as long as you don't change the version you want to query (see versioning).

Below are all the breaking changes to the Server API. Each date corresponds with a new version. If you’re looking for all API additions and updates, see the API changelog.


With this version, conversations can contain multiple patients and this change introduce the following breaking changes:

  • The conversation object:

    • The patient field is deprecated and replaced by patients, which contains the list of patients included in the conversation
  • Create a conversation, in body params:

    • patient_id is deprecated and replaced by patient_ids, which contains the list of patients included in this conversation.
    • A new field is required, type, to categorize the conversation with 2 possible values:
      • individual_conversation, when there's a single patient with one or several practitioners
      • group_conversation for conversation with several patients.


First version of the API