The Message object

The Message object represents a message sent by a patient or a provider in a Conversation.

idUUIDThe unique identifier of this message.
textstring?The content of this message, if any.
attachmentAttachment(id: UUID, ephemeral_url: EphemeralUrl(url: string, expires_at: DateTime), mime_type: string, thumbnail_url: undefined?)?The attachment of this message, if any.
created_atDateTimeThe creation date of this object, in ISO 8601 format.
conversation_idUUIDA unique identifier.
is_content_deletedbooleanTrue if the content was deleted.
metadataJSON?You can use this parameter to attach key-value data to the object. All values must be of type string.


  "id": "E8E4780D-314C-4FFE-A1D7-B31401B9C7CE",
  "text": "Hello, I have some good news!",
  "conversation_id": "9126d0d8-1417-4a02-bbbf-4f48229f0363",
  "created_at": "2022-03-22T15:19:58.779Z",
  "is_content_deleted": false