The Appointment object

The appointment object represents a appointment requested by a patient or a provider.

idUUIDThe unique identifier of this appointment.
patientPatient(id: UUID, username: string?, first_name: string?, last_name: string?, date_of_birth: Date?, locale: "fr" | "en" | "pt", email: string?, phone: string?, address: Address(street_address: string, zip_code: string, city: string, state: string?, country: string?)?, sex: "MALE" | "FEMALE" | "OTHER"?, updated_at: DateTime, created_at: DateTime, external_id: string?, healthcare_system_identifier: string?, summary: string?, metadata: JSON?, custom_fields: JSON?, integrations: Integrations(apero_id: string?)?, tags: string[])?The patient participating in this appointment.
providerProvider(id: UUID, gender: "MALE" | "FEMALE"?, first_name: string, last_name: string, phone: string?, email: string?, prefix: string?, title: string?, timezone: string?, roles: "ADMINISTRATOR" | "PRACTITIONER" | "REVIEWER"[], biography: string?, metadata: JSON?, ephemeral_avatar_url: undefined?, self_login_enabled: boolean)?The provider participating in this appointment.
start_atDateTimeThe expected start date and time of this appointment, in ISO 8601 format.
durationintegerThe expected duration of the appointment (in minutes). Must be at least 1.
created_atDateTimeThe creation date of this object, in ISO 8601 format.
appointment_typeundefined?The appointment type associated to this appointment.
status"PENDING" | "SCHEDULED" | "FINALIZED" | "CANCELLED" | "NO_SHOW"The status of an appointment.
mode"NABLA_VIDEOCALL" | "EXTERNAL_VIDEOCALL" | "IN_PERSON"The mode of this appointment.
locationLocation(street_address: string, zip_code: string, city: string, state: string?, country: string?)?The location of this appointment if its mode is IN_PERSON.
urlstring?In the case of a remote appointment (either Nabla or external), this is the URL to the appointment page for the patient from which they can see the details, join the video call or cancel.
external_videocall_urlstring?In the case of an appointment happening on an external videoconferencing service (mode is EXTERNAL_VIDEOCALL), this is the URL for any participant to join the call.
is_paidbooleanWhether the appointment has been paid.
titlestring?The title of the note associated to this appointment.
notestringThe content of the note associated to the appointment, in markdown format.
related_documentsUUID[]?Array of UUIDs of the related documents.
related_prescriptionsUUID[]?Array of UUIDs of the related prescriptions.


  "id": "E8E4780D-314C-4FFE-A1D7-B31401B9C7CE",
  "start_at": "2022-04-01T10:00:00.000Z",
  "duration": 15,
  "created_at": "2022-03-22T15:19:58.779Z",
  "title": "Appointment note",
  "note": "Appointment description",
  "status": "SCHEDULED",
  "mode": "NABLA_VIDEOCALL",
  "is_paid": false,
  "related_documents": [