Keep track of every change to the Server API.

This changelog lists all additions and updates to the Server API released after October 1st, 2022, in reverse chronological order.



  • Add appointment_type_id to /appointments and /web_call_invitations.
  • Add appointment_category_id to /web_call_invitations.



  • Add Task endpoints.
  • Add new types of webhook events task.created, task.updated and task.deleted.
  • Add isPatientTask field on task which allows tasks to be assigned to the patient instead of the provider. A patient task can't have a provider assigned to it.


  • In the Patient object, add an optional summary
  • Add new types of webhook events conversation.locked and conversation.unlocked. They are sent when a conversation is locked/unlocked.
  • Add locked field on conversation which describes whether a conversation is locked or not. A locked conversation can't receive new messages from the patient, providers, nor the system. (2022-10-19 only)


  • Fix API calls that didn't use correctly the default pinned version.
  • In the Patient object, group all the address fields in a same object



  • Create version 2022-10-19 for conversation (see upgrades)
    • In the conversation object:
      • the patient field is deprecated and replaced by patients, which contains the list of patients included in the conversation
    • In Create a conversation, in body params:
      • patient_id is deprecated and replaced by patient_ids, which contains the list of patients included in the conversation.
      • A new field is required, type, to categorize the conversation with 2 possible values:
        • individual_conversation, when there's a single patient with one or several practitioners
        • group_conversation for conversation with several patients.
    • In Update a conversation, in body params:
      • a new field can be used in the params: patient_ids, if you want to add new patients in a "group conversation"






  • Add Authentication endpoints that provide JWT tokens to log in a user.