Getting started with the API

You can access the API from your server or from your mobile app in a similar way:

curl{endpoint} -H "Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>"

The token to use depends on your use case:

Server-side integration

From your server, you should use the token server_<KEY>.
You can find your API key in the console admin settings.

⚠ Your API key carry many privileges, so make sure to keep them secure! They should never be shared with your users or posted to public places such as GitHub.

Mobile app integration

From your mobile app, you should use a user-specific JWT token.

To get a user-specific JWT token, make the following call from your server:

curl{user_type}/authenticate/{user_id} -H "Authorization: Bearer server_<KEY>"

ℹ Unlike the API key and secret key, the JWT token only provides access to resources for that particular user.

OpenAPI exports

You can download OpenAPI files for the patient API or the server API and use it in tools like Postman.