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Documentation for the Nabla Copilot API which transcribes consultation audio and generates clinical notes from transcripts.


Use our speech-to-text engine to have a transcription fine-tuned on medical terms: medications, diseases, symptoms, etc.

Clinical note generation

Given a transcript of a consultation —either from our transcription API our from another source— you can generate a summarizing clinical note.

Get started

Create an account

Getting access to the API is pretty self-service.

Your server key gives full acess to your organization and thus should be held secret and never embedded in a front-end application.

Authenticate your calls

You can authenticate in two different ways:

From your servers

Simply use the server key you generated as the bearer token in requests you make to paths under

From your front-end apps

Front-end applications will authenticate their calls to Nabla Copilot API using ephemeral access tokens that are scoped to a user in your organization.

From your server (thus using the Server API) do the following:

  • Create a user.
  • Authenticate the user you just created.
  • Communicate the pair of access_token and refresh_token to your front-end app.
  • Your front-end app now can use the ephemeral access_token to make calls to the same endpoints but under /copilot-api/user instead of /copilot-api/server.
  • When the access_token expires, the front-end app can (autonomously from your server) call Refresh tokens to get a new pair of tokens.