Shared inbox & Triage

Only practitioner and reviewer roles can access the shared inbox.

Conversation model & assignment

A conversation with a patient has 2 states (new, answered) and can have as many practitioners as needed. However a conversation can be assigned to one and only one practitioner

Any practitioner can self-assign themselves or assign another provider to any conversation

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Conversation name and conversation tag

Practitioners can set up a name to a conversation. Conversation can also have conversation tags. The tag bank is specific to each organization. These tags can be set manually and eventually automatically suggested by the system based on previous examples. Practitioners can use both the name and the tag to triage a conversation.



There are 4 different inboxes

  • Not assigned: unassigned conversations land in this inbox
  • Mine: when you self-assign or get assigned to a conversation, it will go in this inbox
  • Assigned: shows the conversations currently assigned to providers (including yourself)
  • Closed: shows the conversations that were marked as answered


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