UI components customisation

Nabla Android Scheduling UI components customisation


This part is only about Scheduling-specific theme attributes, make sure you followed the SDK theming guide for the theme setup.

Messaging specific theme overlay

There are no Scheduling specific theme attributes for now. If some are added later, they'll be referenced here.

Video call theming

You can override Video call specific attributes by providing your own Nabla.ThemeOverlay.VideoCall. Here's how it works:

<style name="Theme.Example.Blue" parent="Theme.Material3.Light.NoActionBar">
    <!-- Rest of your theme -->

    <item name="nablaVideoCallThemeOverlay">@style/NablaOverlay.Example.VideoCall</item>

<style name="NablaOverlay.Example.VideoCall" parent="Nabla.ThemeOverlay.VideoCall">
    <item name="nablaVideoCall_micIcon">@drawable/customMicIcon</item>

Attributes list

Here are all the attributes you can customise:

Theme attributeDescriptionDefault value
nablaVideoCall_micIconDrawable to be shown in the button to disable or enable the microphone during the call.@drawable/nabla_video_call_ic_mic
nablaVideoCall_cameraIconDrawable to be shown in the button to disable or enable camera during the call.@drawable/nabla_video_call_ic_camera
nablaVideoCall_flipIconDrawable to be shown in the button to flip cameras during the call.@drawable/nabla_video_call_ic_flip_camera
nablaVideoCall_hangupIconDrawable to be shown in the button to hang up the call.@drawable/nabla_video_call_ic_hang_up