Video calls

Integrate Nabla video calls in your messaging experience


This guide assumes that you already set up the Nabla Android SDK as described in the setup guide.

Video calls are complementary to the messaging and/or the scheduling features and are not standalone, make sure you integrate at least one of these first.

Video Call SDK dependency

Add the following line to your build.gradle:

implementation 'com.nabla.nabla-android:video-call:1.0.0-alpha12'

Set up video call module

The next step is to set up the NablaVideoCallModule when you init the NablaClient:

class MyApp : Application() {
    override fun onCreate() {

            modules = listOf(
                NablaVideoCallModule(), // Add this line

Build and run your app, you should now be able to receive video call CTAs in a conversation and answer them.

Your first video call

Preview of the video callPreview of the video call

From the Nabla console, a provider can now send a video call CTA that the patient can tap to join the call.

The patient will have to accept the Microphone and Camera permissions and will then be able to join the call.

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