Message type

As a practitioner, you can send different types of messages

  • Text
  • Voice message
  • Video/Images
  • Documents

Click the clip icon to send a document, video or image and the mic icon to record then send a voice message.


Widgets and questionnaires

Medical staff providers can also send widgets in the conversation which offer a richer in-conversation experience than standard text messages by integrating buttons and actions. Just click on the “...” in the composer to see the different widgets you can send.


Questionnaires (coming soon)

Questionnaires can be sent in the conversation. The widget will allow the patient to fill the questionnaires and send the answers to the care team. The answers are also automatically added to the patient's medical records.


Custom widget (coming soon)

Scheduled message

Practitioners can schedule a message to be sent later. Just pick a date and time and the message will be sent later.


Once scheduled, the message appears at the bottom of the conversation, so that you can remove it if needed.


Other: delete, reply to and typing indicator

You can delete a message you sent by hovering on the message and clicking on the garbage icon.


You can also reply to a specific message and save a message as a template message.

When the patient is typing, you will see a typing indicator.