Only providers with the administrator role can access the following pages.

Manage patients

Administrators can see the list of patients and their admin info like phone number and email. They can search for a specific patient and eventually delete their account.

Manage providers

Administrators can see the list of providers and their admin info like phone number and email. They can search for a specific provider and eventually deactivate their account.

Administrators can also create new providers. An email is required as a newly created provider receives an email to finalize their registration.


In this step, the provider chooses a password and configures 2-step authentication either with their phone number or via authenticator mobile apps. The Nabla Console is protected by 2-step authentication which helps keep providers' accounts safe and prevent access to patient medical information.


Configure org settings

Administrators can personalize the Console to adapt the following: branding, teams, services hours and auto-replies.


Administrators can update the primary color, account address, contact email and the logo which will be used in the email sent to the provider to finalize her registration for instance.



Administrators can create teams (of medical staff) if needed. This is useful when an organization has different clinics or centers and wants to restrict access to patients by clinic or center. Teams can also be used when setting operating hours or auto-replies.

Operating hours

Administrators can manage operating hours for each day of the week. The operating hours can be displayed in the patient app via the API and used for auto replies.



The client can manage automatic replies when new conversations are started by the patient. An auto-reply could be applied to a specific team or a set of teams, and can be based on conversation tags or operating hours.

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