Integrations and extensions


Showing custom data on user views is a feature in progress, some of the aspects in this documentation may heavily change or be removed.

There are multiple ways for you to show custom data on user-related views in the Nabla Console.

  • adding user labels
  • adding a link to an external back-office
  • adding an embedded view


Note that if you want to add a medical measure or a document to a given user, you can do so directly by using the API.

User labels


The Nabla Console supports adding arbitrary labels to your users, either manually or via an API call (see Adding a user label in the API reference). These labels will be shown on the user profile, as well as enable you to easily search through your users.

External user link


We provide the option to add, on each user view in the Nabla Console, a link to the corresponding user's profile or page on an external site, like your own back-office.

You can enable this feature in the Nabla Console's settings, by setting a link format (e.g.{USER_ID}), in which will be injected the user ID.

Embedded view


Finally, if you have very specific data that you need to be shown alongside conversations, and that cannot be shown as a user label or as a link, you can build an embedded view, which we will display in the user panel, below the user's information.

You can enable this feature in the Nabla Console's settings, by specifying a URL capable of serving this view. This URL will be called by an iframe along with the user ID as well as context about the authentified provider, in a JWT which you will be able to use to authenticate requests (in your embedded view) to your own backend.

Custom messaging widget

Practitioners can send widgets in order to trigger specific features from the conversation. It can be questionnaires, specific content or any other features in your app (map, integration with HealthKit, etc.).

You will soon be able to create your own custom messaging widget with a title, an optional subtitle and an action url (deep link).